if you’re having a bad day here is a baby polar bear being tickled




adapt or die

Holy shit if you don’t think mother nature is hardcore please get out

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Anonymous said: What are your greatest fears?

losing someone I love, disappointing my parents, and ending up unhappy.

Anonymous said: Okay okay, last dumb question which is an update of the last one: let's take away influence and add in them knowing that you read their minds. So reading minds with them knowing or rewind time by 1 hour?

Mm, I guess still reading minds. No one would lie to me? hahah. I don’t know, I wouldn’t really want to rewind much. Either I wouldn’t want to relive the things because they’re bad, or because they’d lose their importance after a while. I also wouldn’t want to change anything, because the mistakes I’ve made got me to where I am today.

Anonymous said: Would you rather be able to read people's mind and influence them, or rewind time 1 hour?

Read people’s minds and influence them. I wouldn’t necessarily want to influence them, but knowing what people were thinking would be nice sometimes.


(119/365; 06.16.13)

Digital Art Series: Revolved Forms by Črtomir Just
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Anonymous said: Would you rather sneeze every three minutes or always have the sensation to sneeze and never do?

mm, sneeze, I guess. I hate the feeling of having to sneeze!